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Travelling with your kids is a joy if you prepare well in advance. If they're older, sending your children off on their own adventure can be a great investment in their personal growth. Don't miss out on opportunities for shared experiences if you take your kids on your vacation, because where ever you go there's sure to be suitable sights and activities for children of all ages. Browse through our pages to get tips for hassle-free travelling with kids!

Quality time when travelling with kids

Family vacations are great, and they will go even better with little breaks during the day. You may want to go to the spa or hit the gym, while the kids stay with a parent or guardian at the pool. Many top resorts can povide baby sitting services so the adults can do their own thing. By occasionally splitting up, you can get as much fun out of your vacation as possible.

Down time is also an important part of anyone's vacation, as going out and sightseeing can get exhaustive after a time. Spend an afternoon reading a book, or stay in and play card and board games with the kids. Whilst they take their naps, you can nod off as well or take care of other business.

Roadtrip breaks are almost mandatory unless there's someone to take over the driving, so take the opportunity to catch a change of scenery or relax from the demands of the road. Flying and riding will also provide a good chance for quiet time.

Planning the trip with the kids can ensure everyone is happy later on. Get ideas on places they want to see and things to do, and include them in the decsion process on where to eat, what they can buy and do without. Once everyone's likes and dislikes are noted, the final word rests with who pays and whether it fits into the whole idea behind the vacation. By including your kids in the loop, they'll get more out of their time spent travelling.

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