Kids Travel and Holiday Vacations
Packing for travelling with your kids
To ensure you don't forget anything crucial at a time you just want to relax and enjoy time with your kids, heres a packing list of travel essentials. Then again, travelling preparation can be as simple as throwing in a change of clothes for everyone plus swimming or walking gear, so stuff in only what you'll need.

If you're the type who can plan weeks ahead, it's doable to pack everything yourself, but if your kids are old enough, you can count on them to do their bit, and make packing a fun experience as well. Have them bring in their backpacks (or better yet, strollers for easy taking) and check items off as they put in their stuff.

Some items you might not want to miss:

*Lotion-based sunscreen, hats and noseguards
*Spare nappies, baby wipes, washcloths and diaper changing mats
*Toys, books, a little pillow and blanket
*Camera and videocam
*Formula powder, baby food and sterile water
*First aid kit.

You can get a travel version or assemble one with these items:

*Insect repellent: Citronella is safe for kids
*Band Aids
*Calamine lotion for stings and sunburn
*Antiseptic spray
*Paracetamol (child dosage)
*A good mix of toys, both familiar and new treats.

Here are other thigns you may want to include:

*A soft toy that can double up as a pillow
*Lego blocks for kids three and up, stacking blocks
*Sticker books
*Favourite music or read along CD's
*Non-stick play dough
*Books and magazines

Regulations and kids travelling

Australian law expects every child to have an individual Australian passport for any sort of international travel. This means no one under 18, even newborns, may travel using a parent's visa papers. You can lodge a passport application with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

To iron out wrinkles with travel papers and security verification measures, carry additional proofs of indentity for you and your children. This includes a valid passport, a leagl copy of your child's birth certidicate, documents proving custody agreement or guardianship, plus documents to prove your civeil and legal status (marriage or divorce papers).

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